Inspired is a specialist mortgage broker and has access to a panel of lenders that offer to those that high street lenders ignore.

“It could be your age, income source or credit history that prevents the banks, either way we are here to help and find a solution“

Contact one of our specialists today to discuss your specific requirements and we'll find an inspired solution!

What we do

  • We have lenders who do not discriminate for your past credit history, CCJ’s Defaults, Mortgage Arears, Previous IVA’s & Bankruptcy’s All considered
  • Fully qualified advisers will contact you and discuss your requirements
  • The adviser will provide you with a mortgage recommendation based on your demands and needs
  • No upfront fees are payable until your loan has completed
  • We have specialist lenders that can cover loans from all income sources including benefits or pension income only applications

Remortgage & Raise Money for any Legal Purpose

Whether you need money to pay off existing credit or you would like to improve your home. Maybe you have a tax bill due. Whatever the reason we can offer advice and look to find solutions that are affordable for you.

Remortgage Properties With No Mortgage Currently

Getting a mortgage for the first time on your property can be both confusing and daunting. Which type of deal should you go for and how big a mortgage will you be able to take out? Our team offer expert advice as to which kind of mortgage deal might suit you best, so that you can get onto the first rung of the property ladder as painlessly as possible

Re-mortgage your home

When you remortgage your property, you are effectively replacing your existing mortgage with a new mortgage. This can either be for the same amount that is outstanding on your current mortgage, or for a lower or higher amount. Our team offer expert advice as to find the best remortgage deal which match your needs.