About Us

Inspired Loans was established in 2010 as a one stop 1st & 2nd charge mortgage, unsecured loans and life insurance specialist in Alton Hampshire. Since then we have built a business based around what our customers want and need.

Contact one of our specialists today to discuss your specific requirements and we'll find an inspired solution!

Customer service

Treating customers fairly is at the heart of everything we do. We value our excellent customer service record and our many positive reviews speak from themselves.

We are always looking for ways to improve our services and are open to all feedback.

Experience and understanding

Our team of advisors have many decades of combined experience in the industry and fully understand the importance of giving clear and fair advice.

We don’t make decisions lightly or without all the facts and we place a great deal of importance on making things easier for people so they can look forward without worrying about finance.

We listen to your individual needs, and find the best solution that will meet them and we do it as well as anyone in the industry.

Choice of products

Here at Inspired we never stop adding products to our portfolio to ensure we can meet our client’s needs. Our most recent addition being Protection products. Our new Life insurance team can provide life quotations to protect a new loan, mortgage or to ensure your loved ones are covered in the event of something happening to you.